Istanbul workshop 11-12 April 2008






Invitation to a Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey

April 11-12   2008


Task Force Paediatric Curriculum and Competences

Task Force Paediatric Subspecialties

Task Force Paediatric practice

 In the forthcoming workshop in Istanbul on April 11th-12th, paediatricians and experts in medical education will be invited to discuss and collaboratively establish a provisional framework of core competences (learning outcomes) for paediatrics specialist training in Europe. The expert group will build upon the final framework of medical graduate competences developed by the Tuning (Medicine) project as part of the MEDINE Thematic Network which has now been validated by an Expert Panel of medical educators to the European Commission. Further detail of the project is available from a recent paper in Medical Teacher (see below) and the outcomes will be officially launched at the AMEE 2008 Conference in Prague (30th August-3rd September).

Assuming that all European doctors will achieve these outcomes/competences at the point of graduation, the purpose of the Istanbul EUROPET workshop will be to elaborate on how each of these will be further developed through specialist paediatric training and whether any additional core competences are required of paediatric specialists. Professor Allan Cumming and Dr Michel Ross of Tuning (Medicine) will also be contributing to the Istanbul workshop.