European Pediatrics Thematic Network
The main objectives of European Pediatrics Thematic Network (EUROPET) address educational, professional and regional issues in European pediatric education aiming to harmonize educational schemes using Tuning principles for provision of a uniformly high level European pediatric service. EUROPET supports European initiatives based on Bologna Declaration and would like to collaborate with European agencies and associations. Members of the network include representative higher education institutions from EU and associated countries.
Target groups are: graduate medical students, teachers in medical education, other thematic networks in the health care area, future patients, healthcare providers, professional bodies and organizations, the general public, biomedical companies, European health/politics decision makers, Europe as a whole in terms of reduced barriers to mobility of medical manpower, future countries of the EU and beyond.
Activities are divided into five Task Forces
  • To analyze and make an inventory of Pediatric competencies (graduate, postgraduate, and CME).
  • To contribute to the harmonization of European Pediatric practice.
  • To generate an effective ICT, ODL and Database management system for target groups to cooperate, share information and educational schemes.
  • To develop Regional (central, southern, eastern/CEE and northern/Baltic Europe), European and International cooperation between the Target groups.
  • To perform the above mentioned activities also in Pediatric subspecialities and special services.