1. Is the paediatric practice public or private?

Public and private. Some pediatricians are authorized to perform clinical practice, either at the hospital, either at their private office;

In contrast, depending on the conditions of hospital working, some pediatricians are not authorized to perform in private clinic.

2. Is it mandatory?

3. Is the paediatric practice only confided to paediatrician or can a general practitioner take it in charge?

In public health centers, children and adolescents are observed/seen by general practitioners; that´s to say, according to the
portuguese  health policy, in official /public health centers thera are no pediatricians but only GP.

In case of complicates issues, the patient is referred to the regional hospital.

Population of Portugal ~ almost 11 millions.....( pediatric population under 18 years-->  ~20%)

4. Lists of paediatric centres / associations