1. Is the paediatric practice public or private?
In Finland, the paediatric practice is mostly public. In the biggest cities, private paediatric services are available.

2. Is it mandatory?

The communes are responsible by law to provide health services to their inhabitants. This includes services for children. The communes can arrange the services by themselves or buy them from outsider organizations.

3. Is the paediatric practice only confided to paediatrician or can a general practitioner take it in charge?

General practitioners (GPs) are taking care of the primary health care
including children care. GPs are also allowed to provide health care to children in private practice but most of the time, this is taken in charge by paediatricians.

4. Lists of paediatric centres / associations

In Finland, there are five University Hospitals (Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio, Oulu) with paediatric units in Finland, which serve as tertiary centres.
In addition there are fifteen Central Hospitals with paediatric departments serving as secondary centres. Some minor hospitals (regional hospitals) have also paediatric services, mostly outpatient units.

  • Finnish Paediatric Society
    Rheumatism Foundation Hospital
    Pikijarventie 1
    FI-18200 Heinola

    Phone: +358-50 4086 448
    Fax: +358-9-471-76712
  •  AEPC
     Association for European Paediatric cardiology
     Eero Jokinen, MD PhD
     AEPC Secretary-General
     Hospital for Children and Adolescents
     University of Helsinki
     P.O. Box 281
     00020 Helsinki
     Tel: +358-9-4717 0301
     Fax: +358-9-4717 4706