Regional, Trans- and beyond European and Industry cooperation



Prof. Dr. med.  Winrich BREIPOHL (

until 08.2006:   University of Bonn, DE
until 06.2008:   also Univ. Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen, DE
after 20.06.08:  solely Univ. Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen, DE

 I - General objectives

  1. General Bologna related activities and policies
  2. Innovative new curricula and research based paediatric related spin offs
  3. Contributions to transversal policies amongst others with specific focus on ethnic and cultural differences and desired cooperations with the Turkish Society of Medical Education,  and regional  (central, southern, eastern/CEE and northern/Baltic Europe), European, Trans- and beyond European and Industry cooperation and networking. 

 The above topics would include as well:

  1. Bologna forth developments (also together with other partners)
  2. Promoting initial Europet working majors as well as to initiate spin offs in research, education, professional practice, and the employment sector.
  3. Disseminating EUROPET working outcomes to specific target groups and decision
  4. makers.
  5. EUROPET membership development and activation.
  6. Balanced EUROPET partnership involvement and expertise development all over Europe.
  7. EHEA-ERA development in Paediatrics in agreement with European societal and environmental values.
  8. Sustainable intercultural acceptable global health development strategies in agreement with UN MDGs, WHO policies and other relevant international concepts.

  III - Outputs and products

  1. Implementation of specific networking with existing and new networks and enterprise
  2. Monitoring of EUROPET spin offs and networking outcomes.Medication and Patient Safety (Breipohl and Grandt)
  3. Public Health, Health Service, Health Economy (v. Bandemer, Breipohl, Hilbert)
  4. Intercultural acceptance (Breipohl and Schröder)
  5. European Health Cooperations with Turkey (v. Bandemer, Breipohl, Mavis Richter)
  6. Complementary Medicine (EC Roadmap Application with EMA, Univ. Witten Herdecke, and Viadrina University
  7. Frankfurt-Oder)
  8. Prevention of Childhod Obesity (with Proff. Creusy, Fr. and Molina, It)
  9. Paediatric oncology (with Prof. Kiss, Hu)
  10. Molecular Diagnostics (with EMA, IAT, Proff. Golubnitschaja and Schneider)
  11. Special diagnostic and care concepts for autistic children (with H. und J. Baumgardt, Kiel)
  12. Arts Therapy (Breipohl, Vilka, Wohler, University Alfter)
  13. Music Therapy in Paediatrics (Breipohl and Haus)