Paediatric Curriculum and competences



Leader : Catholic University of Lille – France

Pr. Colette CREUSY (

 I - General Objectives

1 - To address some key issues on paediatric curriculum.

2 - To agree on a set of competences/learning outcomes essential for the training of paediatricians and general practitioners.

II - Outputs and products

  1 - Data collection about paediatric teaching programmes in European medical faculties.

  • In the undergraduate medical curriculum.
  • In the postgraduate general practitioner training.
  • In the postgraduate paediatric specialist curriculum.

2 - A review of current European documentation of learning outcomes/competences in Paediatrics where they are available.

3 - A proposed draft of learning outcomes/competencies in paediatrics leading to a consensus statement among as many European experts in paediatrics and in medical education as possible.

III - Final objectives

1 - To deal with forward looking, strategic reflection on the scientific, educational and institutional issues in paediatrics.

2 - To enhance quality and to define and develop a European dimension within paediatric education.