ICT, ODL and Database management

Leader: the European Medical Association (EMA) – Belgium
Dr Vincenzo COSTIGLIOLA (vincenzo@EMAnet.org)
I – General Objectives
1 - To generate an effective ICT, ODL and database management system 
2 - To allow target groups to cooperate, share information and educational schemes.
II - Outputs and products
1 - Interactive project website that allows for
  • Generic browsing and searching
  • User-specific personal login and uploading of information
  • individual assignment of access level to each piece of data
    • public
    • partners
    • board members
    • owner
    • custom categories
  • Cross-referncing data on the various parameters including
    • specific countries involved
    • individual project activities that generated the data
    • relevant Task Forces
    • relevant internet links
    • relevant news
  • Categorizing the data as
    • activities
    • documents
    • outputs
    • links
    • news
  • Long-term maintenance for dissemination and self-running beyond the project period
  • Generation of a browsable CD at any stage
2 - Smooth flow of management information (amounting to 2163 message threads of 10.977 Kb compressed unformatted text)
3 - A Pediatric Who's who interactive database for information exchange between members of all relevant target groups, providing

- a source of information,

- a way to facilitate qualified contacts,

- a tool to find out specific knowledge and competences.

4 - Brochures, books, articles, digital presentations and collections available through the website
III.  - Final objectives
1 - Widely accessible ordered set of cross-referenced information on all aspects of paediatric education and practice
2 - Transparency of education schemes
3 - Enhanced interaction among professionals, patients, developers and stakeholders in the field
4 - Promotion of ICT in paediatric teaching and practice