European Paediatric practice



Leader: the European Medical Association (EMA) – Belgium


I – General Objectives
1 - To have a picture:
  • about paediatric health care systems in the different European countries and their evolution
  • about the different modalities of practice related to collaboration with other professionals involved in children health care (nurses, mid-wives, physiotherapists…) and with professional and public organization
  • about the organization of research and its impact on practice and education.
2 - To contribute to the harmonization of European Paediatric practise.
3 - To generate an effective ICT, ODL and database management system for target groups to cooperate, share information and educational schemes.
II - Outputs and products
1 - Data collection about paediatric practise in the European countries.
2 - A review of current European documentation of training outcomes/competences in Paediatrics.
3 - A draft proposal of training outcomes/competencies in paediatrics leading to a consensus statement among as many European experts in paediatrics and in medical practices as possible

III.  - Final objectives

1 - To deal with forward looking, strategic reflection on the practise and institutional issues in paediatrics.

2 - To enhance quality and to define and develop a European dimension within paediatric practise.