Kiel Board Meeting 3-5/08/2007


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 EUROPET Board meeting #11

 August 3-5, 2007
Kiel, Germany



1. Short updates of current activities of Task Forces (1-4) and future plans
2. Financial situation of the network
3. Reports from Task Forces
4. Partners: activation of current partners; new partners
5. Selection of a new member to the Board: EAP
6. Spin offs: 

            - Oncology project
            - Medication safety
            - Music therapy
            - Obesity
- others
7. Collaboration with other thematic networks: Medine; Archipelago of Humanistic Network
8. Participation in International meetings
9. Report from the Annual Meeting and General Assembly in Gelsenkirchen
10. Next meetings:
            -Workshops: Cluj October 19-21, others
            - Annual Meeting and General Assembly, in Oulu, June 2008
11. Any other matters