Debrecen Board Meeting 17/02/2007


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EUROPET Board meeting #10
February 17th, 2007
University of Debrecen
 1. Opening of the meeting 2. Minutes from the board meeting December 13th-15th 2006
3. Task Forces: Reports and update of the plans from leaders: 
            a. TF1: Curricula and competences
            b. TF2: European practice
            c. TF3: Website, brochure, poster
            d. TF4: Regional, European/beyond and industry collaboration, spin offs
            e. TF5: Subspecialities
4. Working Majors and Spin offs:
            - oncology project (W.B., C.K.)
            - Obesity (C.C.)
            - medication safety (W.B.)
            - Music therapy (W.B.)
            - pedodontics (C.K.)
            - others
5. Budget (O.V.)
6. Annual Meeting and General Assembly in Gelsenkirchen June 1-3, 2007
7. Preliminary plan for the Annual Meeting and General Assembly in Cluj-Napoca early 2008:
Andrei Achimas
8. Next meetings:  
Annual Meeting and General Assembly: Gelsenkirchen, June 1-3., 2007, including TF1 and TF5 workshop
9. Any other matters
10. Closing of the meeting