1. Is the paediatric practice public or private?

Paediatric practice in Latvia is public. There are only a few private paediatricians. Public Primary paediatric care is combined and provided by family doctors. There are some ambulatory paediatricians in every district.

2. Is it mandatory?

3. Is the paediatric practice only confided to paediatrician or can a general practitioner take it in charge?

Only in the capital city and in towns, families have the opportunity to choose their family doctor educated earlier as a paediatrician.

4. Lists of paediatric centres / associations

There is the University Childrens'' Hospital in the capital city of Riga and some paediatric departments in structure of regional Hospitals in districts. In Latvia work the Pediatric Association, the Association of Neonatologists and some small Societies of paediatric sub-specialists (paediatric endocrinologists, paediatric rheumatologists, paediatric gastroenterologists, paediatric pulmonologists and allergologists, paediatric neurologists, paediatric cardiologists, paediatric infectiologists and paediatric surgeons).

  • Society for Paediatric Specialists
    President: Prof. Dace Gardovska
  • Latvian Paediatric Association
    President: Dr Enoks Bikis