Czech Republic

1. Is the paediatric practice public or private?
Mainly public but you can also find private centers.

2. Is it mandatory?
It is.

3. Is the paediatric practice only confided to paediatricians or can a general practitioner take it in charge?
Only paediatricians.


4. Lists of paediatric centres / associations


Prevention of childhood obesity in Czech Republik

A- at the local or regional level  

building up of cycling routes, physical education in schools (two hours weekly), community based programs for parents and children

B - at the national level

In 2002 was accepted long lasting program concerned on improving of inhabitans´ health condition in Czech republic called Health for all in 21st century; (Programm Health 21). Within the frame of this program National council against obesity (by designation of Health Ministry, with participation of paediatricians) was set down in 2004. In addition to other tasks Action Plan against obesity is preparing by National council.

All children in country are obligatory and regularly controlled for their parameters and weight/height ratio.